Print or no print?

This is one question that baffles just about everyone. To use print or not? If yes, then how much is too much! Or is printed stuff old school? The answer is simple, if you like it use it. There are endless ways in which prints can be incorporated in interiors! I feel you can do just about anything when it comes to prints, just making sure that it all just comes together in the end. The legendary Kit Kemp, designer of the Firmdale hotels is such an inspiration when it comes to playing with prints. She just gets it right always!

Personally, I enjoy using prints! I feel they liven up a space and make it a tad more personal and welcoming. There are so many different kinds of prints, small, bold, subtle or crazy and loud! They all have a place somewhere.

I have collected a couple of images here to show the various ways in which prints can be used. These images will inspire those of you who aren’t bold enough to go out there and bring something printed into your space! And those of you who are slightly confused about how to go about incorporating prints will hopefully get some direction from this post.

Rugs are always a great way of introducing pattern, print and colour into a room. Rugs are great for making a statement and yet not permanent features of a room. They can be replaced or put elsewhere if you get bored and want to change things up a bit. A lot of times people associate rugs with old traditional patterns, but that’s not the case. There are various options ranging from geometric, abstract, floral, tribal, Persian just to name a few! Plus I personally feel rugs complete a room and are a great investment when it comes to interiors.

8    9  7

43        49.jpg  rug

Another temporary way to bring in pattern and prints to your space is through cushions, lamp shades, throws, bedspreads and such accents. All these options allow the faint hearted to experiment with prints. These aren’t very expensive alternatives so you won’t be left with a big hole in your pocket just in case you realize prints don’t work for you after all.

a4      29   a2       32          a3    Architectural Photography


Wall decor also allows us to subtly introduce some print/pattern into a room. Wall plates, woven baskets, art, pottery are all great to inject some print. Art also adds some drama and personality into space and is one of my favourite ways of bringing in some colour and prints into a room. Framing chinoiserie wallpaper or a beautiful fabric also looks rather chic and packs in a punch.  Again, all these are not permanent or frightfully expensive and allow us to experiment with our creative spirits and have a bit of fun!

42    44   35   2  hj.jpg lo

Printed and patterned tiles are an effective and yet not so common way of going about incorporating print and pattern in your space. Kitchen and bathroom floor tiles in a lovely print will bring so much colour and warmth into your rooms. The kitchen backsplash is also rather effective in making the space a little more fun. The wide variety of tiles available today cater to just about everybody’s design needs.

7    6   5                                               4    hu.jpg

Good old wallpaper! Of course this is one of the most common and yet effective ways of going about introducing prints. There was a time not so long ago everyone was rather bored of using wallpaper and it just wasn’t the trend. But its back, and like never before. There are so many beautiful prints available today! Makes it quite hard to abstain from having wallpaper just about everywhere. It’s of course a little more permanent and prominent, but one could start with using it on an accent wall or niche instead of the whole room. The entire room looks quite lovely too. Of course a room in a chinoiserie wallpaper can make quite the statement and look stunning.  Those of you who like their homes to be dramatic should use wallpaper in the hallway or foyer. Wallpaper screams bold  a bold entrance and makes quite the initial impact.

45 22 ik.jpg17    hall   loo

Curtains and blinds are also a wonderful way of playing with pattern in a room. Window treatments are pricey and not something that is changed too often. But you will definitely get print into your room. They are comparatively larger and more obvious than other furnishings in a room, hence won’t go unnoticed and you will get your money’s worth. When it comes to printed fabric, there are zillions out there. You can choose to be bold or even more restrained with a softer more neutral print. However, those of you who aren’t entirely sure about going the whole hog with printed curtains or blinds, could have a printed edging on plain fabric. That’s a subtle way of bringing in print.

46   24 21 10  go b.jpg

Upholstery is probably the most common way of using prints in a room. Don’t think all printed fabric leads to a country home look. There are so many ways of using prints in modern homes which add colour and liven it up without giving it a country look. The great thing about upholstery is that you can decide how much of it or how little of it you want to be printed. Everybody might not want to have an entire chair or sofa upholstered in a printed fabric. In that case just using printed upholstery on the back of a dining chair, edge of a stool is also just enough to do the job. For print lovers, of course you can go the whole hog and cover the entire chair, headboard of a bed or sofa.

40 36  39  14   by   so.jpg

I hope this post has managed to inspire or lets say convince some of you who needed a little encouragement to bring in some print into your home! Even if it’s a small cushion cover, go and buy it. Trust me you will be happy with your buy.

Will have something new for you all to read soon (I’ll try to make sure its not another 4 months!).

Happy reading x




Inspiration.. . a glimpse of what inspires me!

What should my first post be? Tricky question!

Since everything starts with a mood board, I thought what better way to introduce my blog to people. So, I have put together a little mood board of images of what is currently inspiring me.

Deciding how to go about the mood board was overwhelming! Firstly, its my first post so talk about the pressure. Then, I didn’t really have a brief- that’s tricky (not that it’s a breeze with one!). It’s so hard to narrow down favourite images and find things that represent my tastes, trends and essentially fit together. But, after tweaking, more tweaking and then some more I am finally happy with the mood board I have created.



Hope you like it!


Currently working on a post and aim to have it out rather soon..



A collection of some charming breakfast nooks!

My love for food made it easy for me to decide the theme of my very first post.Breakfast nooks are becoming more and more popular these days! I have put together a collection of various nooks that I absolutely adore. Some are big and some tiny and show how we can fit a nook in anywhere if we really want to. These nooks are stylistically different and I hope there is something for everybody.



This nook with its white lacquered Chippendale chairs, stunning white marble round dining table with a comfy window seat is one to love. Both the blue and white pottery and blinds just add to the charm of this space. The starkness of the white is so subtly broken by introducing the orange and pink upholstery! And if you haven’t already noticed that chandelier with the candle lights!


A tucked in wall, dark floors, painted paneled walls, industrial chairs! What a perfect little space to squish in with friends/family. The art on the walls is a great way to personalise the space and make it homely- could even hang some photographs here. And a striking pendant light is always a great way to add some drama to any space!


This is such a brilliant way to convert a tiny corner into a dining area. The linear banquette seating with the ultra modern chair make it a super chic and modern nook. And a round table is ideal for increasing space and softening up the nook. Again the glass pendant just completes the little nook. All fans of modern white interiors are sure to love this one!


This one above is from Nina Dobrev’s L.A house and a great example for light and bright interior lovers. The white herringbone flooring is striking and highlighted with the use of the bold black dining table and brass and copper industrial dining chairs. The peach in the cushions brightens up the nook so well. Also love the black pendant- striking feature and breaks the white of the walls.


This one can serve as as multi-functional space. Ideal for smaller homes or apartments. How ideal can a sofa be for a breakfast nook- eaten too much, can’t move? Just lay on the sofa and digest the food! The large windows bring in so much natural light and almost give the illusion of sitting outside! The cane chairs and the jute pendant bring in the natural essence of the space. Remember accessorizing is key to a perfect space and the basket and fresh flowers are on point here!


Fan of a mix of vintage and modern- then this is something that you will love! The banquette seating in that deep pink makes for easy sitting which is complimented by the rose marble top table with brass tripod base. The chandelier and chair in white modernize the space. And the stunning brass chair makes it ‘oh so glam’!



Seen often now but a few tweaks to a standard design can transform the outcome. The white tongue and groove paneling is highlighted by the olive green upholstery on the cushion seats. The printed fabric livens up the space and makes the nook ever so inviting. That industrial table is brilliantly paired with the country look. It’s a subtle way of combining very different styles and making them work. That pendant light made with glass bottles is genius (on the list of my favourite pendants now) and makes bright nook  perky.


Always been a fan of brick walls! Interestingly used in a nook here and the paintings on the wall makes it homely. This is a great example of bringing together many styles that work well together. The industrial wall, traditional chairs and an iron table- all compliment each other and make this a very delightful space.


Space is a growing issue these days and this little nook with the reclaimed wood table and benches is ideal. The slim design makes it possible to squeeze just about anywhere. Using dark paint on the walls and table/benches, contrary to popular belief makes the space appear bigger. Art and brackets on walls are always a perfect way of personalising space and introducing some spirit and colour.


This nook is great for fans of zen interiors. The beautifully finished wood benches,tables and floors make it so serene. Ideal for those who have a house with scenic views. This is a great example for less is more and monotone aced! Some dark ceramic tableware would just complete the look and be so apt in the setting.


This breakfast nook is an eclectic mix of classic, mid century and country styles! Firstly, absolutely love using rugs in a kitchen. Make the kitchen so cozy and homely and adds so much character. The window seat with the big window is very smartly tucked in between two chests and paired up with a classic round table and mid century dining chairs.  This little nook is so inviting and cozy.


Fan of scandi interiors? Then this one is for you. Love the use of the black and white floor tiles with the rustic table! Utterly besotted by this nook for two. The white and black chairs to match the flooring is a very interesting way to furnish the space.



This beautiful Parisian inspired nook is one to love. Combining a settee and chairs with dining tables is becoming increasingly popular and for a good reason! Just another excuse to very comfortably sit around for and after a meal. The subtle blue tones of the chairs stand out  against the dark hard floors and soften up the space. A bright and impressive nook to end the post.

It was lots of fun putting it together, I hope you all enjoy reading it.

A new post to follow shortly!